How To Buy Wedding Tablecloths

There are a number decisions to be made when buying wedding tablecloths. One of the most important items is to choose out your wedding tablecloths. Your tablecloths will set the whole theme of your wedding reception. You can choose bright tablecloths or bold dramatic tablecloths or you can choose more subtle, elegant pastel tablecloths. You might need round tablecloths, square tablecloths, rectangle tablecloths and you will probably need wedding chair covers with sashes.

You can get great deals on wedding tablecloths at several sites online, and remember don’t buy table linens with “serged hems”, as the hems will curl up and serged hems tend to fray, be sure to buy “folded and stitched” hems, and be sure to order your wedding tablecloths as early as possible as things can and do go wrong, especially at the last minute and trust me a few days before your wedding you DO NOT need the additional stress, order your wedding tablecloths early and avoid problems.

The next thing you want to do is check with your caterer if you have one or your wedding coordinator, these two individuals can advise you in making the right choices when it comes to choosing your wedding tablecloths. The catering service can tell you how the tables and chairs are going to look and the layout so you can get a mental picture. Wedding coordinators can probably direct you to a great tablecloths online store where you can buy all of the tablecloths and chair covers in mass quantity for much cheaper and get free shipping.

You can also search online for tablecloth wholesalers or other linen websites. There are many types of fabric to choose from and also many colors. If you are going for a traditional style wedding and you want your your tablecloths colors to match your chair covers you may want to get sample fabric swatches before you buy, and be sure you do not buy serged or overlocked hems as they will curl up and fray, only buy tablecloths with folded and stitched hems.

If your using a professional event planner then they will have some professional ideas on colors and decoration of the tables and chairs, if you have questions or ideas ask them for their feedback, they are the professionals, remember your not just hiring “their” service, your hiring “their” professional experience, so get your money’s worth and ask the professionals.

If like many soon to be married couples you are on a limited budget, the best thing you can do regarding wedding tablecloths is shop around online and try to find standard hospitality polyester tablecloths at a good tablecloths website that offers quantity discounts or discount coupons or free shipping. This will be a big saving and it will be well worth the time required to do the research. You can get your wedding tablecloths for much less and if you need several different sized or shaped tablecloths such as rectangular, square or cheap round tablecloths, shopping at a tablecloths website with wholesale prices is absolutely the way to do it.

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